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HCG- the Quickest Way to Weight Loss

The HCG diet is touted as one of the quickest ways to achieve effective weight loss. Read on to learn more about our unique program.

What is the HCG Diet?
HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. HCG is a hormone that is produced in the body during pregnancy. In small amounts, it can be used to support the bodyís use of fat as fuel.  Alongside of this, it has appetite suppressant effects and helps the body to maintain muscle mass through the hormonal support that it provides.

Again because of the hormone support during the HCG diet, those who have hormonal associated weight gain often do well. Those with thyroid issues especially respond nicely to this approach, although it seems to be effective for most patients seeking quickly achieved weight loss.

Alongside of the hormone injections, a very specific, low calorie diet is used (500 calories to be exact!). This is also very much a reason for the quicker weight loss that is typically achieved. The HCG injections will work to keep your appetite suppressed and often is helpful with balanced energy throughout the protocol as well.

Caveats of Quick Weight loss
Weight loss of a pound a day or so can be expected when doing an HCG diet, which is quicker than most diets typically allow. Because of this, a 10 day detox is recommended before beginning the HCG diet.

Toxins are stored by the body in the fat cells. With quick weight loss, the body releases more toxins than what we see with slower weight loss. This can be a reason that we see weight loss resistance for some individuals. If the body is incapable of removing the toxins effectively, new fat cells are created to again store the toxins that were unable to be removed. For this reason, we frequently recommend a 10 day Detox prior to starting the HCG protcol.

Whatís Involved?
Now that we have a good understanding of the HCG diet, letís look at what is involved in a successful HCG program. You must be a patient of Dr. Singers to participate in the HCG program. Patients must be approved by Dr. Singer prior to participation.

It is recommended for best results to complete a minimum of 10 days of detoxification prior to beginning the HCG diet.

Injections are administered daily in the comfort of your own home. You will receive detailed instructions to take with to assure safe and successful injection procedure.

Low Calorie Diet
Detailed dietary instructions will be given at each appointment.

Body Composition Monitoring and Weekly Appointments-
1st Appointment- Meet with our Lifestyle Educator to discuss the HCG protocol & how to get started with a Detox.
    Health assessment and Body Composition testing
    Detox information and instructions
2nd Appointment (approx 10 days later)- Meeting with Lifestyle Educator for Body Composition and HCG Diet instructions
Appointment 3-7- Meet with Lifestyle Educator for weekly Body Composition readings to assure that there is little to no muscle loss during the use of a very low calorie diet. Dr. Singer will follow up as needed to track each patients progress.

How Do I Learn More?

If HCG sounds like the right program for you, give our office a call and we will get you scheduled to start towards your weight loss goals.  Phone: 740.756.4800
Schedule an Appointment: 4773 Cemetery Road, Carroll, Ohio
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